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Chatham The SUN Video Premiere!

Raise your attunement by checking out Chatham The SUN's new cerebral single, Higgs Boson: God Particle. Brought to you by Misdirected Media!

28 Jan, 2014

Modefi - "Bounce"

Pleased to announce the release of Modefi's music video "Bounce" Check it out!

18 Jan, 2014

Anaria Video Premiere

Go check out the release of the Anaria video for "I See Fire" Coming to you from your friendly neighborhood MM!

05 Jan, 2014

Upcoming Projects

Upcoming videos from Misdirected Media!

31 Dec, 2013

Who We Are

Misdirected Media is a firm dedicated to media based solutions. We capture and produce audio, video, graphic design and web content. From singular clients who need media such as photographs, audio recordings, or video to full fledged artist groups such as bands, labels and choruses. Corporations are not immune to our cultures need for digital media either, and through Misdirected…

10 Dec, 2013